Terms and Conditions 

Agreement terms

  1. Advance ₹30000/- includes 2 months’ salary /- pm from the date of joining till completion of the second month, and ₹14000/- commission for 2 years agreement. This includes cost of travel to location, police verification to be done at the local police station at place of work.
  2. If services are stopped before 2 yrs , part commission to be refunded on pro-rata basis. If services will be obtained 1 year ₹7000/- will be refunded just after 7 days of service being stopped.
  3. Salary will be paid for a full month of working means 30/31 days. No overtime will be paid.
  4. Candidates have to do all household work including cooking, washing clothes, utensils cleaning, dusting, mopping, helping mother in her routine work and any other work as and when assigned.
  5. Any kind of replacement due to any reason will be provided within 96 hours. First next candidate needs to join then the current working one will leave.
  6. No advance payment will be paid to the candidate.
  7. Salary will be credited in the bank account of the candidate on completion of the entire month , by the 7th of the following month
  8. Tea, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided to the candidate.
  9. Facilities of bathroom and sleeping will be provided by clients
  10. Any kind of medical emergency or any medical expenses will be borne by agency and/or covered by the agency through a suitable medical insurance
  11. Covid vaccination is compulsory.
  12. Stay of any guests of the candidate will not be allowed at our home. Candidates can meet them at our home but are not allowed to go outside the house.
  13. If the candidate would like to go home she has to take permission from the agency and the same will be conveyed to us by the agency, only after a suitable replacement is provided during the period of absence.
  14. If the candidate is suddenly absconded, total responsibility will be taken by the agency and replacement will be provided within 72 hours by the agency.
  15. Police verification will be done at local police station before appointment.
  16. Five replacements will be provided in case of non satisfactory work of the candidate. On our approval final candidate will be placed.
  17. Agreement will be made on ₹100/- stamp paper. Agreement should be notarized.
  18. In case of loss of property or person due to theft or damages or any other reason by the domestic servant kept in house, the cost will be borne by the agency or deducted from the payables. One month salary will be kept in custody with us, and paid only on completion of the tenure of the service of the incumbent.
    19.Any refund will be maid after 15days of receipt
    20.Any dispute and claim are subjected to pune jurisdiction
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